Thou shalt help out new moms

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As a new mom everyone seems to want to share their advice with you…. also their opinions (insert eye roll). At first, it is frustrating because you get opinions that aren’t always positive. “Hope you like not getting any sleep” , “now you won’t have any time for yourself” , ” be prepared to do everything.”

Geeezzzz, come on people!

We get it, you want to share your advice, but being a new mom is scary, so how about some encouragement.

There will be ups and downs in being a mom, it’s part of it, but there are also the great times and the silly times and the times you get to lead tiny humans to grow and be great!

My cousin is recently an expecting new mom and a busy one at that. She works full time and doesn’t have many friends with children of their own to except advice from. When my aunt asked me to share some advice with her, my first reaction was, “I’ll send her a list of essentials.” Not, “Oh girl, she has a rude awakening coming for her.” Haha!

So, that’s exactly what I did…….

I compiled a list of what I thought were essentials to have in place or to know about for new moms. Now, of course, this is just my opinion and I am by no means a baby or mom expert….. just a mom who found that these things were important in my trial and error.

    Interview and choose a pediatrician (also be aware of how long they may stay in medical practice… you’ll need them around for the next 18 years.
    Bottles – instead of getting 4 ounce bottles and 9 ounce just get the 9 ounce ones, they will grow into them. I used MAM brand. Tommee tippee is also good. (For those that are not exclusively breastfeeding)

These MAM bottles below can easily be purchased on Amazon. (click image to be redirected)

    Bring wipes (if you plan on using them) to the hospital with you because they typically do not provide that.
    Buy super absorbent maxi pads to bring to the hospital haha the stuff they don’t tell you. Bring plenty with you because you will need them. : )
    Have infant Tylenol and baby gas drops on hand because you will probably need them. Motrin (ibuprofen ) cannot be given until after 6 months of age.
    Little boys tend to pee on themselves a lot as infants so it is best to size UP in diapers.
    Be careful when you clip or file their nails because they are so close to the the skin. It’s best to do it while the sleep. This way they are not moving around so much.

Instead of giving your advice on all the negatives, let’s give advice that may help a new mom out.

Thou shalt help out new moms.

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