How to get through Toddler Constipation

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How to get through toddler constipation

The ups, downs and everything in between

My husband and I have been managing toddler constipation for the past 3 years now with our oldest son and we are just now getting to where things are consistent.

This is a subject that usually comes up on search engines and in the pediatricians office, but for some reason it is looked at as “normal” for toddlers.

In my opinion, it is not “normal”. It’s awful for a toddler to have to go through this and it is even harder for parents because our toddlers cannot always explain what is going on and why they are not using the potty.

I have spent years trying to find the right remedy, countless nights crying because I feel guilty that i can’t “fix” the problem, and doctors visits that ultimately end in the same, “use Mirilax” conversation.

In our most recent constipation episode with our 4 year old, it was over a week without a good bowel movement. He began to have leaky stool and having accidents at school. We took him to the pediatrician for an x-ray, as we suspected he may be impacted.

And just as we suspected…..he was. It wasn’t a bad report, but he would still need an enema to remove the impaction… we had already tried stool softeners for several days prior with no results.

Fast forward a bit……… all is well and he had relief after the enema.

Since the stool has been removed, I have been extra diligent in his potty routine and what he eats and drinks. Below are a few steps that I have found have finally worked for our toddlers constipation:

  • Designating “potty times”- I set a time in the morning and after dinner for him to spend at least 10-15 minutes of trying to have a bowel movement while watching his IPAD or reading a book. (this helps to relax the muscles to allow for a better bowel movement)
  • Use a stool to prop under their feet

So far, over the past few months, this has helped tremendously and we have not had any more issues related to constipation.

I know toddlers having accidents and being constipated can cause parents a lot of anxiety and stress (TRUST ME I hear ya), but just remember to try and not take it out on your child or make them feel like they are doing something wrong.

If they are constipated they truly cannot help their accidents and they need encouragement and to not feel afraid to use the potty. At, first I had no idea why my son kept having accidents and it was very frustrating, but I quickly realized I was not helping the situation by letting him see my aggravation.

If you are here today trying to find help for toddler constipation, I hope my remedies give you peace of mind and your toddler relief!

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