Whine or Wine- No Judgement Here

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Do you ever have those days where you are drowning your tears in a glass of wine?…or a bottle..no judgement here.

It’s like just when you thought it couldn’t get worse……you spilled coffee on yourself, dropped all of your paperwork, and stubbed your toe (that’s a rough one).

We all have those days…. if you don’t, please tell me your secret haha.

I’m more of a keep my feelings in kind of person, so when I do have my days, they are one for the books…just ask my husband : )

Getting to that point isn’t the issue, it’s how we stop from getting to that point…or better yet, what can we do to help those crazy moments in life that ruin our days?

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For me, I need an outlet…. a moment of silence to take a breath and just chill out. Whether that’s crying, exercising, therapy, or enjoying that glass of wine…..if it’s a good healthy outlet to let your feelings go and help you get back to that place of bliss, do it!

A great friend of mine told me, “Do what you can, and what you can’t just don’t worry about”.

Sometimes, I have to tell myself this multiple times a day. And you know what, everything usually turns out fine or even better.

Don’t feel bad for feeling a little crazy at times, everyone is typically going through it, they just don’t talk about it. If you haven’t found out by now, Facebook and Instagram don’t display the raw real life.

If today so happens to be your bad day…

Let it out how you want to….cry, shout, tell someone, write it down, have the wine….there’s no judgement here.

Here’s to the crazy days and the lucky ones that get to witness it –

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