Toddler Sleep Habits

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Getting your toddler to sleep and sleeping through the night



Getting past the newborn and infant sleep stage is a huge accomplishment.

And then we all look forward to the day our children don’t wake us through the night. How many years does that take again???


I am a stickler for sleep, so getting my kids to get in bed on time and not get out of bed was top priority. If mama is tired and cranky, it’s just not going to be that great of a day. SO for the sake of the household, I had to get my kids on a schedule.

Every kid is different and every parent has a different parenting style. So I’m not saying this one will work for you, but it definitely helped me. Both of my boys are in bed by 7:30-8:00 PM with no argument, and do not wake in the middle of the night to come into my room. Here a few things I did that helped this go smoothly.


Set up a bedtime routine

Most people have a biological clock that plays a strong influence on when they wake and when they sleep. Children are no exception to this. Establishing a routine before bed and a consistent bed time will help your child’s clock function smoothly. I have noticed when my kids go to bed on time they sleep better, but if they stay up late they wake earlier and possibly during the night. Also, doing things like dimming the lights, turning off TV and “winding” down help to remind their biological clock that it’s time to stop and rest.

Not letting our children Co-sleep

This is a big thing for me. And again everyone is different and there’s no judgement here. Co -sleeping can be hard because once you start it can be a nightmare to stop. So my husband and I decided from the beginning that we would never even start. And yes, it can be hard not to give in, but staying consistent and following through makes changes and transitions a lot easier for children to understand.

Allowing our children to bring a favorite thing to bed

This is something our oldest son likes to do. Before bed he likes to pick a toy (that doesn’t make noise and that is safe to sleep with) to bring to bed with him. We have found that this helps him relax more and fall asleep easier.

Give it time

Helping your child get into a good sleep routine can be challenging. It is normal to get upset and frustrated when your child consistently wakes during the night or fights bedtime. Just remember to try and be understanding, knowing that a negative response may make sleep problems worse. We have all been there and know how hard this can be for you. Remember this too shall pass and your fellow mamas are hear to support you!

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