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Safe skincare CAN and SHOULD be at your fingertips.

About a month ago someone reached out to me asking if I had ever heard of BeautyCounter. My answer was surprisingly NO.

As a mom and a woman, I’m all about pampering myself with great beauty products. So, I quickly began doing my research and digging in to all of the great references about BrautyCounter products. Which, to my surprise, was a lot.

How could these amazing products be right under my nose and I never know?

I decided to give a few of their products a try. The first things I ordered were:

  • Dew tinted moisturizer
  • Rejuvenating radiance serum
  • Overnight resurfacing peel
  • Daily shampoo and conditioner

From this point on I was hooked!

I definitely do not want to leave y’all without telling you about at least two of these amazing products!

This tinted moisturizer is EVERYTHING! My skin is like a desert most of the time, so thick coverage only makes my face look “Cakey” and brings out my dry spots even more.

It gives me just the right amount of coverage and a surge of moisture to my skin. And the best part is….. it’s a safe skincare product.

BeautyCounter Advocates for stricter guidelines in beauty and skincare. Over 1,500 chemicals are NEVER used in their products!

Resurfacing Peel

Last, but certainly not least, is the ever amazing overnight resurfacing peel. This stuff is the Holy Grail of peels!

The results can be noticed, literally, overnight.

Now, of course, you Want to continue use to get the best results.But, after one use, you will wake up with an amazing glow!

Not only will it give you radiant skin, it also aids in improving skin texture and diminishing pore size. The most noticeable difference I have found is, it really made a huge improvement on the dark spots on my face.

I hope this post encourages you to look in to safer beauty products. Your skin deserves the very best! The link below will bring you to BeautyCounters website.



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