Fall Crafts for Kids

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If you are looking to keep your kids busy during the school holiday off time, look no further. There are so many countless indoor activities during Fall.

Thanks to Halloween and Thanksgiving, the crafts can be endless, but lets start with my go-to budget friendly crafts.

Not only will your kids be having fun, but you may actually enjoy this as well.

Sponge Turkey


  • paper plate
  • sponge
  • paint
  • construction paper (brown, red and orange)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • craft googly eyes (optional)

The sponge turkey craft is a great craft I learned to do with my kids from The Resourceful Mama. This project is super easy and within the budget.

Image result for sponge paint turkey crafts


1. Start out by cutting your sponge into strips or cubes.

2. Prepare your paint. I usually let the kids pick out the colors of paint and pour a small amount of each onto a plate. 

3. Dab your sponge into the paint and then dab onto the paper plate. Alternate colors until the plate is covered. Allow to dry. Let your child explore in this area and even make their own patterns, doesn’t have to be perfect.

4. While the paint is drying on the paper plate, cut a body for the turkey from brown paper. Glue the body to the bottom of the paper plate. (see picture above for guidance)

5. Then cut a small triangle from orange construction paper for the nose and the gobbler from red construction paper.

6. Lastly, make the eyes. You can use googly craft eyes to glue on or simply draw eyes on the construction paper.

There you have it, a beautiful turkey! …….. or maybe something that looks like it.

Turkey Cones

This cute idea came from none other than the Crafty Morning!



  1. Start by cutting a semi circle from the brown paper (see image below for example)

2. Roll up the pieces into cones and tape or glue them together. Try to make the tip as pointy as possible.

3. Glue on some tall colorful feathers in the back and add a face! You can make big goofy eyes by cutting out white circles and using a black sharpie to color the pupils in. If you want to make a hat out of these, punch the sides with a hole and put an elastic string through! So easy!

I hope these crafts bring you and your children fun and laughter! Check out a few of the post below for more post related to parenting.


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