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Let’s face it, there are some days where we have it together and some days where we find Cheerios in our bra and we are trying to keep our kid from eating a cascade pod. You win some and you lose some.

The days that I’m winning are typically the days where I have things planned out and organized.

If you are not naturally an organized person and your brain is doing 10,000 things at once….. these tips may help you out.

I have gradually learned and taught myself to stick to organized habits, to help maintain my sanity in what could be a crazy atmosphere.

Get Yourself Ready First

This is a huge habit for me. I wake up a lot earlier than my kids so that I can do this very thing. Before I had kids, I took for granted taking my time to put on my makeup and putting clothes on without tiny humans barging in screaming or wiping snot on me. It’s a luxury not many of us have.

So, to decrease chaos and have myself looking half way decent for work, I wake up early to get myself ready first. Then it’s one less thing I need to worry about.

Prepare Ahead

Preparing ahead of time for practically anything will help you stay organized. For me, preparing ahead of time for my kids school activities helps out a lot. This way I don’t forget and I’m not frantic trying to gather everything together.

For example, we are getting into the Fall months which are full of school parties. I know in three weeks they will have a Fall carnival at school that I will have to provide candy and goody bags for. So I have already purchased the items I will need to make the bags and set them aside for when it’s time for the carnival. One less thing I need to remember!

Im terrible at remembering things so I’m huge on writing things down as well. I keep everything in my calendar or on a notepad to help me stay on track and give me a reminder.

Keep Meals Going Like Clockwork

Meal time can be a stressful time if you aren’t prepared. As soon as my kids wake up their hungry and asking for food. As soon as they get home from school they are ready for a snack. Part of the reason for this is they’re hungry, but the other part is because their brains have made a mental note that at those times food is coming.

I run a tight schedule during the week and that includes meal times. I prepare what they are going to eat before I wake them up, that way they can sit down and eat their breakfast while I finish what I need to do to get ready.

In the afternoon when I pick them up from school they act like they are starving to death by the time we get home. This is one main reason I buy simple quick snack food, and the other is, My kids are toddlers and still make big messes, so I also buy simple snack food that doesn’t require a lot of clean up.

Just Say No

No doesn’t always have to be the bad word. ‘No’ can save your behind a lot of times. It can save your sanity, your peace and any other things that may require you to regret not saying it.

Sometimes there are going to be times where you just can’t. You can’t make it to a birthday party, a parent social meeting, a friends outing, etc. and you know what? It’s ok. Stop feeling bad for saying no. You already do enough and you ARE enough. (Just Incase someone needed that today)

But really, saying no isn’t always bad. So don’t stress about it. The people in your life will understand, and if they don’t ….. well, just pray for them.

These simple habits are my life everyday and they seriously help me when it comes to running a smooth household and trying to juggle it all.

I hope they can give you the organization you were looking for. And if nothing else, just a reminder that we don’t all have it together.


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