Laugh Often….So You Cry Less

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Do you ever have those days where you could literally blink and you are in tears? Like, “hey look at this piece of paper” and you are immediately sobbing. Over absolutely nothing….

That’s probably a good sign you are overdue for a good cry session…. or you’re pregnant. Ha! Either way, a good cry does you good.

If you are anything like me, when your cry session comes, it’s more like Niagra Falls meets the Hulk. So much built up stress, negative energy, emotions and tension need to be released and it comes out like an explosion.

My literal tears after months of keeping it in

And then afterwards, I’m all “it’s hug time!”… Like Poppy the Troll.

A-Mazing what a little relief can do, right?!

There are a few things I do to try and help calm these emotions or even overcome them.

Starting with the very basic….

Take a deep breath. So easy to say, yet so few people actually partake in this small exercise. For me, a deep breath of zen and quiet time gives me a good opportunity to reflect and clear my mind. That way, I’m thinking with my mind and not all my feelings.

Rock out. Or R&B out, whichever genre your into, a little music helps the brain focus on the positive. Research has shown that music reduces anxiety, blood pressure and increase mood. I love music and I listen to it every chance I can, especially in overwhelming situations. It brings me clarity and kind of takes me away from the craziness of life for a moment in time. Speaking of rocking out, I just bought these amazing and SUPER inexpensive wireless headphones from Target.They are only $9.99 and they work people! Now I can listen to my relaxing jams just about anywhere!

HeyDay Wireless Earphones

Exercise regularly. Whether it’s yoga, running or cross-fit. Exercising does wonders for the brain and your mental health. Many endorphins are released during exercise, which contribute to lowering stress as well as boosting mood! Not to mention your overall body will reap the rewards!

Talk it out. Sometimes the stress or emotion is so overwhelming it may be best to talk to someone. A friend, a Spouse or therapist. Someone you can trust with your emotions and to give you good direction or guidance. Actually expressing emotional stressors out loud is a good way to ‘get it off your chest’ as the saying goes.

Write it down. For those of us who have a heard time expressing our feelings out loud, this is a great alternative. Putting it on paper. Getting the words out in another way that isn’t vocal. It still gives a sense of relief, and you may also be able to recognize a pattern in your emotions from looking back at your notes.

Everyday stressors and emotional triggers are all around us, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Try to balance what you can and remember that so many people are in the same boat as you. You are not alone and there are ways to help manage the stress.

“Do what you can, and what you can’t, don’t worry about” –




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